Introduction to Vessel Vetting

RightShip is the world’s largest third party maritime operational due diligence organisation. Our vessel vetting service is used for thousands of voyages, to assess the suitability of a nominated vessel for safe cargo transportation. The practise of vetting upholds global standards for safety, environmental and social welfare practices and is at the core of RightShip’s drive towards standards beyond compliance.

Primarily developed for stakeholders needing to move cargo, vetting is an in-depth and bespoke method of verifying a vessel’s suitability for your specific risk profile. Customers work with RightShip to build on the RightShip standard, which represents the minimum requirements for a RightShip recommendation, against which all vessels are assessed to check their safety, risk, sustainability and social welfare standards. Through vetting, customers can add their additional bespoke criteria, such as berth fit requirements.

Our vessel vetting takes place within the RightShip platform, harnessing the latest technology to deliver reliable, timely recommendations. The sophisticated vetting rules engine searches and returns the required data from RightShip’s proprietary database, while our in-built communication channels make automated requests for additional information and documentation as required. Our vetting superintendents use their expertise to analyse the information and documentation gathered to provide an ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable’ recommendation for the specific vessel and voyage under consideration.

Customers request vets directly on the vessel page and can track their vet status and outcome in real time. All vet request outcomes are stored with your RightShip account, date and time stamped when your vet is complete, and cannot be altered