Q: Is there a preparation process RightShip could share with the shipowners and managers for pre-inspection preparation guidance, documents that need to be prepared? how many days before the inspection do need to submit certain documents to RightShip? 

A: Everything you need to know is located in our RightShip expanded questionnaire which is located here. Please take the time to read the questionnaire so that you can adequately prepare for the inspection. If you have further questions, you can contact us: 

Q: The new requirements require the shipowners and managers to complete and submit the inspection closeout report within 15 days. The current requirement is about 30 days is it possible to keep the same as before? 

A: We believe 15 days is adequate to complete the closeout report. We are reducing the time as part of our commitment to improved efficiency. If there is a reason you can’t complete the closeout within the nominated time frame, please contact us: 


Q. Is there any updated inspection checklist like FOD 06 for the Shipowners and Managers to help them to prepare the RS inspection?


A: The new expanded questionnaire replaces Fo Do 6 and is the document that should be used to prepare for a Rightship Inspection. 



Q: If the inspectors are unable to arrange the inspection due to location issue or other situation like COVID-19 restrictions, how can we maintain or improve our Safety Score?  

A: The most important thing to do is to plan well ahead early for an inspection, we would suggest approximately 2 months. Share the vessels itinerary with us so that we can guide on possible options. Safety Scores reliant on valid inspections will fall to 2/5 when they expire.

Q: When the new RISQ will be officially implemented, is any schedule or roadmap available? 

A: The transition to RISQ will begin in late November and will take approximately three months to complete once all of our inspectors worldwide have been trained. We estimate that by early March 2022, the FODO6 checklist will be obsolete and that all vessels will then be inspected using RISQ. 


Q: If we request an inspection now, will it be performed under your previous regime for those ships not having competed the gap analysis or will you be implementing your new standard regardless? 

A: Currently inspections are being conducted in accordance with the present standard (FODO6-Inspection checklist). This will be the case up until RISQ is deployed, and from that point Inspections will be based on RISQ. In terms of timing, RISQ is expected to be ready for deployment by the end of 2021, as previously indicated.  

There will however be a transition period following the introduction of RISQ while we complete the training across all inspectors. During this time where inspections will be predominantly conducted based on RISQ, however there may be cases where the FO DO6 Inspection Checklist is used, depending on the attending Inspector accreditation status. We will provide an update to the industry of the commencement date of RISQ inspections in due course. 


Q: What will happen with the Safety Score if the inspection is not completed within the anniversary of the previous inspection? 

A: The Safety Score of a vessel (DWT>8,000T and age>14Y) with no valid RightShip inspection will drop to 2SS. 


Q: What will happen with the safety score if the inspection has been done within due date, but the report has not been completely processed within the anniversary of the previous inspection? 

A:To avoid the effect of “Expired Inspection” on the Safety Score (applicable to vessel’s DWT>8,000T, age>14Y), we will review the list of N/Cs, and will close the inspection on the basis of the preliminary close out documents that we expect to receive from the ship’s manager. 


Q: In view of forthcoming Rightship inspections on our managed vessels, can you advise us which questionnaire will be used from now on? Will RISQ be issued on February 2021, or the previous one (Rev. 12)? 

A: For at least the next few months, the current questionnaire (Rev12) will be used. 


Q: Is the officer matrix accurately completed and does it reflect the information on officers and engineers on board the vessel at the time of inspection? 

A: Our website now includes the Deck and Engineer's Officer Matrix Form and Instructions for Completing the Form. 


Q: could advise whether the current physical inspections are carried out based on the existing questionnaire (FOD06 - Rev.12) or with the new and/or when it is expected to launch the new questionnaire, if not already? 

A: All inspections will continue to be conducted in accordance with FoDo6. We will notify Industry when the revised questionnaire is implemented, which is presently scheduled for late this year.