Minimising time spent onboard and maximizing efficiency – Hybrid and Dual Inspections

The new drive towards digitalising our inspections program enables RightShip to offer two new inspection types that facilitate different approaches to minimise the time inspectors spend on board your vessel: hybrid and dual inspections. 


1) The hybrid inspection

The dry bulk hybrid inspection is an initiative by RightShip to reduce the amount of time an inspector spent on board of the vessel. Unlike the conventional inspection where all questions are answered during a physical inspection; ship managers can request an advanced review of pre-selected documentation before vessel arrival. These documents have to be provided to RightShip no later than 72 hours (3 days) before vessel arrival. 

The benefits

The RightShip dry bulk hybrid inspection reduces the amount of time an inspector spends on board of the vessel. This: 

  1. Minimises the contact between the inspector and the crew. 
  1. Enable RightShip to perform an inspection despite having a shorter port stay. 


How do I request a hybrid inspection?

In the request form, simply select “hybrid” before submission.  

After submission, you will receive an email with an URL link for document submission. 


What documents do I need to provide to RightShip?

Click here to find out more on the list of documents needed for RightShip Dry Bulk Hybrid Inspection. 


2) Dual Inspections

Having a dual inspection is another way inspections could be done in ports with shorter port stay. The dual inspection is similar to the standard one only being performed by two inspectors that will split the questionnaire between themselves and execute different sections, 


The Benefit  

The RightShip dry bulk dual inspection reduces the overall time inspection would take by engaging two inspectors.  This enables RightShip to perform a vessel inspection despite having a shorter port stay 


How do I request a dual inspection? 

Currently there is no request option for a dual inspection. If during the review of your request for inspection RightShip Inspections Team believes there is not enough port stay time to perform a standard inspection the team may investigate if the 2-inspector option is suitable. During this investigation different parameters are considered, such as: 

  • The duration of the port stay 
  • The port location 
  • Availability of additional RightShip inspector in the area 
  • Additional travel cost implications, 
  • If, after the investigation, the RightShip Inspection Team believes that the dual inspection is a suitable approach they will contact you to confirm the details.