Deck and Engineer Officer Matrix

Instruction for Completing Document

The online Deck and Engineer Matrix should be completed and send to RightShip Dry Inspection team and the nominated inspector at least 24 hours prior to commencement of inspection. It is the responsibility of the vessel’s manager to ensure the document is properly filled out and up to date.


All fields of the Matrix must be completed as per below:


Use a drop-down list and select an appropriate rank as per Seafarers Employment Agreement. Please do not include the cadets in the matrix.


Record the nationality of Officers and Engineers as per their passport.

Certificate of Competency (COC)

Use the drop-down list and select an appropriate Certificate of Competency that the deck or engine officer is holding.

Issuing Country

Record the name of the country issuing the Certificate of Competency.

Endorsement- vessel's administration

An endorsement is a document which is issued so that foreign seafarers may use foreign certificates issued by a maritime administration of a country, other than the administration of the ship’s Flag State. The Flag Administrator of the ship may allow a seafarer to serve for a period not exceeding three (3) months if a Certificate of Receipt of Application is readily available.

Radio Qualification

Select “Yes” if the officer has GMDSS certification.

Year in Service-Vessel Manager

Record the number of years that the officer has been with the vessel’s manager.

Years in Service-Rank

Record the number of years of sea service that a seafarer has been in rank on board this type of dry cargo ship as a certificated officer.

Years in Service-Dry Cargo Ships

Record the number of years of sea service that the officer has served on board dry cargo ships as a certificated officer.  

Date of joining

Record the date that the seafarer joined this vessel.

Months on board

Record the number of months the seafarer has been on board this vessel.

Years Watchkeeping

Applicable to the ranks below Chief Officer or Second Engineer- Record the number of years of sea service as a watchkeeping officer on all ship types.

English Proficiency

Please select Elementary, Limited Professional, Professional Working, Full Professional, Native/Bilingual from the drop-down list.