Working towards a zero-emissions future

We encourage all vessel owners to view their ratings on the GHG Rating summary page and the GHG Rating factors page, which outlines each criterion in the GHG Rating equation. With industry support, we can ensure the data is verified and the ratings are calculated as accurately as possible.

The GHG workflow in the new RightShip platform has been built with you in mind. We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented the following workflow enhancements:

Reward for positive actions

We’ve highlighted energy saving equipment, so vessel owners who invest in efficiency are easily recognised and charterers have greater insight into these measures when selecting vessels.

We understand sustainability measures require investment and we value owners who proactively make efficiency improvements. In turn, we now reward those owners with recognition for their efforts – they’re front and centre for potential charter.

Fast-tracked GHG verification workflow

In an effort to reduce emails, we’ve built direct communications tools into our platform. You can now talk to us directly, using the Request a GHG verification button. This will help you to verify a vessel’s GHG Rating and energy saving equipment quickly and easily.

Here you will complete a questionnaire that is tailored to your vessel requirements, rather than sending several emails to our team.

Improved GHG transparency

You’ll now receive greater insight into the individual factors that make up your vessel’s GHG Rating and have full access to data sources. This bolsters transparency for both the owner and charterer, in turn ensuring more accurate ratings.

Best practice GHG benchmarking

RightShip’s new platform provides comprehensive analysis of the make-up of your fleet, and a comparison of the world fleet’s efficiency, so you gain comparative context. It also provides owners with verification status of their vessels, so they’re well placed to determine where work is needed.

Get the job done in one place

You can now complete GHG verification requests, receive outcomes and communicate with our team in one location within the RightShip platform. With GHG Ratings and vetting housed within the platform, you’ll experience a seamless, holistic vetting process.