A clear path to improved safety

Through our platform, we provide an easier way for RightShip and ship owners and managers to communicate so that those in charge can take actionable steps to improve safety standards for that vessel.

Vessels found to have incidents or detention which has not been closed out with RightShip, will have alerts clearly displayed. By contrast, vessels with an acceptable RightShip inspection, achieved in the past 12 months, will be rewarded with the RightShip inspection badge.


1) Safety Score

At each stage in the Safety Score, customers can clearly see where they can improve their score.

Rules that govern if a vessel has a SS1 and SS2 are clearly highlighted on a vessel’s page and vessel owners are provided with the required action to release the vessels from these scores.

Customers can see a clear and concise explanation of the elements that factor into the Safety Scores model, which provides scores of 3 - 5, and how they contribute to their overall score.


2) Vetting

RightShip’s new platform is easy to use, taking the confusion and stress out of the vetting process. Within the platform you can request a vet directly from the vessel page. This immediately lands in our vetting team’s workflow and gives you instant access to RightShip’s staff. Improved vetting services included:

Vet status transparency

Track your vet from within the platform – including the status, requests for additional information or if an inspection is required.

Real time notifications

You’ll receive real time notifications from RightShip superintendents. These notifications will include instructions outlining your next steps and allow you to upload required information directly into the platform.


3) Inspections

Inspection requests are now processed digitally – linked directly to the vessel page and our vetting services. If a vessel needs an inspection as part of the vetting process, all parties will be informed through the platform’s communication tools.

RightShip provides an inspections badge on a vessel’s page to reward vessel owners who are committed to investing in best safety practices for their fleet.

Customers can request an inspection simply by filling out the required forms located within the platform. This request will be immediately added to our inspections team’s workflow. Any additional requests for information will be made through the platform.