Carbon Accounting reporting

Through research and collaboration with the industry, we have developed a set of online reporting tools for customers to help them monitor their emissions as they upload their reporting data, easily spot trends in carbon emissions and using innovative technology to generate insights to help them take steps to reduce their emissions today.

In December2021, RightShip added new Live Reporting Tabs to the Carbon Accounting tool. When you use Carbon Accounting, you now have clearer access to reporting in real-time and can apply bespoke filters where required, for increased efficiency.

Online reporting tools:

GHG Emissions Summary

Your summary home page provides you with the overview of your submitted data, which can be viewed on a quarterly or annually basis and include GHG Rating spread and total emissions metrics.

Take advantage of comprehensive data filters, breaking the numbers down by different cargo types, vessels, suppliers or by your bespoke requirements to provide flexible and meaningful reporting.

Clever visualisations and automatically generated insights allow you to easily track your emissions overtime and see which specific areas of your business are responsible for producing your carbon emissions.

Voyage Records

Dive into key insights and filter through all voyage data uploaded during your company’s subscription history. Each voyage contains information clearly displayed by voyage ID, showing the granular details for each leg (ballast or laden). Filter by vessel type, port, emissions totals, intensity performance and more, to assess specific voyages.

Benefits for you:

  • Updated automatically: using live reporting, your information will automatically update once your carbon accounting voyage submissions have been processed.
  • Secure data: your information is stored in the RightShip Platform cloud and can be reviewed by any member of your team who has a login.
  • Automatically generated insights: using innovative technology, our Platform will autogenerate insights to help you take action today to improve your emissions profile.
  • View the data you need: we’ve removed manual reporting. Dynamic graphs allow you to easily filter by vessel and cargo type allowing quarterly or annual reporting.
  • Specific detail for your bespoke needs: search for a specific company or vessel to drill down into specific ways to improve your overall carbon emission footprint.
  • Quick links to the best and worst performing vessels and voyages in your fleet to help inform your long-term supplier contracts.
  • Downloadable reports: get your data summaries in the format you need them for official internal and external ESG / CSR reporting. Designed graphs require limited processing, allowing you to add to your reporting materials quickly and easily.