Saurabh headshot

Saurabh Dasgupta

Chief Commercial Officer


I like to bring purpose, people and technology together for a more sustainable world"

Saurabh Dasgupta has a 24 year long illustrious career so far, starting as a newly minted business management graduate at McKinsey & Co and then moving on to BHP, Delhi and BHP, Singapore. His tenure at BHP of nearly 20 years been marked by an array of different commercial roles ranging from growing the India market for carbon steel materials, reinventing the manganese sales book and its supply chain, raising the bar on safety during his stint in Maritime, leading critical procurement categories, to most recently enabling global functional excellence and improvement, each where he has excelled and which have added to his width and depth of experience and expertise. During his stint with the Maritime team at BHP he was also on the board of RightShip.

Working as an expat in global roles for the last 14 years have also refined his leadership skills in culturally diverse workplaces moulding him into a professional that he is today: with subject matter expertise, market acumen and a humane touch to complex workplace issues.

On the personal front, he is the proud father of two dashing lads. An avid reader, a tennis enthusiast, a travel addict, amateur photographer and a spiritual seeker, Saurabh has mastered the fine balance between delivering his best as a professional and his duties towards his family and his community, all this while working on his own academic, professional and spiritual growth.