Christopher Saunders

Chief Maritime Officer


I believe in the power of blending technology & data with domain expertise to achieve operational excellence, risk reduction and innovation in the maritime industry.

Christopher Saunders is Chief Maritime Officer at RightShip. In this role, Christopher leads RightShip’s Marine Excellence team in bridging the gap between product, technology, and the maritime industry, and ensuring that RightShip is meeting the needs of its customers with its marine governance standards.

Christopher is a Master Mariner with over 17 years’ experience in the maritime industry, having served on LNG Tankers with both Shell and Chevron and held Operational and Vetting roles ashore within MOL LNG and RightShip. Prior to his current role, Christopher served as Chief Product Officer at RightShip, leveraging his maritime expertise and market knowledge to aid the delivery of the company’s digital ESG platform and solutions.

Christopher’s goal is delivering lasting change in maritime safety, sustainability and improved protection for all seafarers.