Vessel Vetting within the RightShip Platform (TQs & FBRs)

RightShip’s vetting process is delivered through our innovative digital platform. The vetting criteria is housed in the RightShip vetting rules engine. The rules engine searches and retrieve the RightShip standard against our proprietary data; and our inbuilt communication channels will automatically send out Requests for Information (RFIs) when the vet is first triggered. All of this information is gathered for both the RightShip Vetting Superintendent and the vet requester in real time, allowing the requester to monitor the vet’s progress.


Terminal Questionnaires (TQs)

Terminal Questionnaires help to improve safety and ensure transparency. Some terminals use a Terminal Questionnaire (TQ) as part of their ship scheduling and nomination process. The TQ is administered by the terminal and facilitated by RightShip.

Every ship scheduled to enter their port is required to submit an online terminal questionnaire containing specific vessel information around mooring configuration, loading and deballasting rates and helicopter suitability prior to berthing.

As part of the ship scheduling and nomination process the ship’s master or their nominated agent will receive an email from RightShip on behalf of the terminal. The email will share a link to an online Terminal Questionnaire (TQ) containing pre-populated data from the RightShip Platform. The recipient of the email is required to complete and submit the TQ.

Vessels must have an acceptable, validated electronic TQ or they may be refused entry to the terminal. If information submitted in a TQ is found to be incorrect, the vessel may be deemed not suitable to load or to return to the terminal and the vessel may be denied future nomination acceptance.

Click here to learn how to submit a Terminal Questionnaire in the RightShip platform


Feedback Reports (FBRs)

Feedback Reports (FBRs) can include a dry berth or tanker terminal feedback report, which are submitted in the RightShip platform after a vessel has called at the port.

The information in these reports provides RightShip with an operational history of the vessel, which is taken into account when assessing the suitability of the vessel in future vets.

RightShip will pursue any issues or negative feedback with the vessel operators until a satisfactory close-out has been received.

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