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Safety Score

Vessel incidents occur most frequently inside Terminal and Port boundaries. Port and Terminals need to quickly understand if a vessel requires further assistance when sailing through, discharging and loading to ensure no costly delays. 

Use RightShip's Safety Score as part of your robust due diligence program. Benchmark vessels against global operating standards through an easy to understand Score out of five. 

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Risk assessment customers use RightShip’s Safety Score as an initial indicator of the operational performance of a vessel as a first step towards comprehensive due diligence. Join RightShip today to start your journey towards a zero-harm supply chain.  

Safety score features

Initial review

Select which vessels to put forwards for vetting by using the Safety Score first as your initial review. Combining industry standard rules and statistical modelling, including expert review of vessels, the Safety Score helps you remove vessels outside of your risk profile. 

Transparent and fair Safety Score
Previous port-call performance

Follow a vessel’s inspections, PSC inspections, detentions and deficiencies over the last five years, including data collected from our global network of ports and terminals. 

A new way to benchmark safety

Quickly benchmark a vessel against others of its type and assess its impact on your risk profile. Screen vessels based on areas of operational performance, including PSC deficiency and detention rates, to fit your specific due diligence profile. 

Access to more data

RightShip has supported us to vet various LNG carriers calling at our floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminals, screening the various incident databases, Port State Control (PSC) deficiencies, and detentions, as well as the flag and class status of vessels.  This all serves to provide us with a more holistic risk picture, which helps us greatly in our screening process. The platform is very user friendly, intuitive and I particularly like the Safety Score feature.

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Safety Score Advantages

Become an industry leader

Join many stakeholders across the supply chain who use the Safety Score as a powerful tool to help them form a view of the operational risk associated with a vessel. Combined with our vessel vetting services, members of the shipping industry can undertake a complete risk assessment of a vessel or voyage.

Make informed decisions

Take the complexity and time-consuming research out of vessel review processes by using the Safety Score and plan your operational resources and measures for an efficient turn around while the vessel is in your port.

Complete view of vessel risk

Understand the risk of each vessel call on your port or terminal’s throughput by using PSC deficiency and detention data collected from our global network of ports and terminals.

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