Sea Cargo Charter Reporting

The Sea Cargo Charter provides a global framework for reporting on, and reducing, the climate-related impact of ship chartering and associated supply chain activities and is backed by several influential signatories.   

RightShip is a proud Sea Cargo Charter third-party verifier. We’re well-placed to provide emissions calculations and reporting to signatories who choose the Charter’s ‘preferred’ pathway for annual verification calculations. RightShip performs voyage, category, annual carbon intensity and climate alignment calculations on their behalf, to ensure they meet their obligations in a timely and accurate manner.  

This includes a comprehensive report and verification statement along with results indicating whether performance is above or below intensity targets.

Sea Cargo Charter results are measured against the International Maritime Organisation’s GHG reduction strategy and help signatories to understand where they are on their path to improvement.

The outcome of each report provides a clear picture of the signatory’s present position and where they sit on the way to meeting maritime industry emissions reduction objectives. With this information, signatories may wish to consider RightShip’s Carbon Accounting, which can provide bespoke insights to help interested parties develop a strategic roadmap to reduce emissions over time. It can also help signatories to improve their efficiency and in turn maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Features of RightShip's SCC Reporting


Reliable verification 

Take the complexity out of your reporting obligations and ensure you achieve an accurate Sea Cargo Charter outcome using our comprehensive assessment of voyage, category and total annual climate alignment activities.


Achieve your objectives

Your Sea Cargo Charter report will give you a clear understanding of your present position so you can determine how you will work to meet your environmental goals.


Trusted experience 

RightShip has provided Carbon Accounting services to customers for more than five years and have a comprehensive database of vessel efficiency insights so we’re well-placed to help you to manage your emissions reporting.


SCC Reporting Advantages

Check out the advantages for you
Lead by example 

With stakeholder and market pressure increasing, it’s essential to stay at the forefront of environmental change. Our Sea Cargo Charter and Carbon Accounting tools help you to demonstrate your proactive commitment to improvement

Reduced complexity 

Independently gathering data and completing calculations can be time-consuming and complex. RightShip can manage this process and provide a complete reporting package, verification statement and results that ensure you meet your obligations with ease.

Take action 

Your Sea Cargo Charter report will deliver an outcome that helps you understand where you are placed today, but when paired with our Carbon Accounting, we can give you’re the tools to meet long-term reduction goals

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