Sea Cargo Charter Reporting

The Sea Cargo Charter provides a global framework for reporting on and reducing the climate-related impact of ship chartering and associated supply chain activities.
Choose RightShip as your Sea Cargo Charter third-party verifier and complete your annual verification calculations easily and on time. Take the stress out of verifying through RightShip's Sea Cargo Charter tool to meet and exceed your obligations.

Features of RightShip's SCC Reporting

Reliable verification

Take the complexity out of reporting obligations and achieve an accurate Sea Cargo Charter outcome using our comprehensive assessment of voyage, category and total annual climate alignment activities.

Achieve objectives

Gain a clear understanding of your present position through RightShip Sea Cargo Charter reports, enabling a transition to meeting environmental goals.

Trusted experience

Use our comprehensive database of vessel efficiency insights to help manage emissions reporting. Trust in our Carbon Accounting services, delivered and refined by the industry for over five years.


When it comes to safety, quality and environmental performance benchmarking, the only comprehensive tool a ship operator has is RightShip. It is vital for us to measure and compare our results. Apart from benchmarking, the live feed of incidents on the tasks menu contains important lessons learnt from across the industry which are always included in our safety bulletins! We are proud to work with RightShip in an effort to improve the safety and environmental sustainability of the maritime industry.

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SCC Reporting Advantages

Check out the advantages for you

Lead by example

With stakeholder and market pressure increasing, it’s essential to stay at the forefront of environmental change. Our Sea Cargo Charter and Carbon Accounting tools help you to demonstrate your proactive commitment to improvement

Reduced complexity

Outsource time-consuming gathering and complex data calculations. Charterers trust RightShip to manage this process and provide a complete reporting package, verification statement and results that ensure you meet your obligations with ease.

Take action

Meet your long-term goals by combining your Sea Cargo Charter report outcomes with our Carbon Accounting services to measure, take action and meet long-term reduction goals.