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RightShip's Malta offices in Gozo and Santa Venera offer a unique blend of comfort, flexibility, and innovation. The Gozo office is nestled in the picturesque heart of Victoria, while the Santa Venera office features an industrial aesthetic that fosters collaboration and creativity. Both offices are dedicated to creating a strong sense of community among team members.

Picture yourself at RightShip Malta
CEO Steen Lund and Chief Technology Officer Marlon Grech visited the RightShip Vietnam office in August for a team meeting.
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Picture yourself at RightShip Malta
Members of our Tech team enjoying coffee together.
Group of people

What’s a day at the Malta office is like?

Jarrod Ho

Think of a day at the office as a lively dance of teamwork, deadlines and problem solving. All fuelled by coffee and camaraderie.

Daniela Attard
Staff Quality Assurance Engineer
Jarrod Ho

Working at RightShip feels like being a part of a passionate crew, navigating uncharted waters to create a safer and more sustainable shipping industry.

Daniel Vella
Head of Engineering