How RightShip Management Audits work

Introduction to RightShip Management Audit

RightShip provides management audits to shipowners and managers who want to demonstrate their commitment to operating at higher ESG standards and create a culture of care across their organisations.

Performing an audit allows a ship owner to measure themselves against recognised industry standards. The outcome is a comprehensive report, charting a path to excellence by benchmarking where you are today and setting clear objectives.

By carrying out an in-depth Management Audit from RightShip, shipowners and managers can benefit from an external review by an independent, non-biased and trusted company. An audit is also mark of commitment towards zero harm. The audit report can also be used to show potential investors, charterers, financiers their commitment towards ESG excellence. 


Management Audit Frameworks 

Companies can select from a range of industry frameworks or choose specific criteria and focus areas from within a framework to get the most out of the Management Audit.  


How do I book a Management Audit? 

Request a Management Audit to speak with RightShip’s Management Audit team. They will help you to pick a framework in accordance with your desired outcomes. Choose multiple frameworks or specific areas within individual frameworks to be assessed.  

Customers will need to download a self-audit form of the framework. We ask customers to work through your internal processes in advance of RightShip’s assessors' arrival, to gather the evidence and documentation to demonstrate your adoption of the framework.  

RightShip’s Management Audit team will arrange a suitable time to carry out your audit. The audit process can take up to 2 weeks, with 2 to 4 days in the office. 


Outcome of the report and next steps 

An audit report will be given to the ship owner, measuring your operations against all criteria of the chosen framework, and highlighting specific areas for improvement. A consultation service can be provided on request to assist with the shipowner to work through the areas.  

On completion of a successful Management Audit, all DOC holders are rewarded with a completion badge on their RightShip vessel pages, highlighting their commitments to prospective customers.  

By completing management audits regularly and in conjunction with vessel inspections and vessel screening services , shipowners are able to achieve a holistic view of their operational standards. Development plan across all areas of your business can be worked on and improved, supporting you on your continual path to excellence.