Collaborating and innovating together to achieve zero harm journeys

We have an obligation to drive change using our data. From decarbonisation to future fuels and land-based fuel infrastructure – this is a trillion-dollar exercise. There is an enormously heavy pull towards a zero-carbon maritime economy, and RightShip has the data and expertise to play a significant role in this.

A consistent theme in the DNA of RightShip is the power of collaboration. To achieve lasting success, RightShip must work not only as a united team, but in close cooperation with individuals, maritime businesses, associations and governments. With a shared vision for a maritime industry that causes zero harm, we can deliver innovative safety, sustainability and human rights solutions.

Steen Brodsgaard Lund

Steen Brodsgaard Lund

Chief Executive Officer, RightShip


To be a trusted innovation partner, charting a safe, sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry

We’re not just about reducing emissions and improving operational efficiency. We seek to provide all people in the supply chain with safe and practical business solutions, so that the industry can continue to thrive.

By working to achieve safety, sustainability and socially responsible practices across the supply chain, we can work together to drive significant industry change. That’s the RightShip way.

Giving back

RightShip is committed to setting global benchmarks in the maritime sector, with the ultimate aim of achieving zero-harm. Our team believes in working as a trusted partner with organisations that share our vision for a safe, sustainable and socially conscious maritime future.
Alongside our mission to make our seas safer and minimise the environmental impact of international shipping, we believe we make a difference by supporting not-for-profit maritime organisations, including those that work towards improving the wellbeing of seafarers. 
We provide each office with their own charity budget to support local initiatives and involve our staff in community outreach programs. RightShip has several charity partnerships with organisations including the Mission to Seafarers and The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI).

Committed to carbon reduction

We consistently aim to minimise our emissions as an organisation. Our sustainability team manages our internal carbon accounting inventory and we seek to reduce our emissions year-on-year, by purchasing renewable power and limiting flights where possible and conducting meetings in a digital setting.

At RightShip we’re working to become a paperless organisation, with all marketing materials and business cards produced electronically. Our team is always looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment and remains abreast of suitable innovation to integrate into our operations for improved environmental efficiency.

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Working towards a zero harm industry since 1991

Our story

Between 1988 and 1991, nearly 100 seafarers were lost on large bulk carriers, mostly off the coast of Western Australia. These tragic events were the result of avoidable industry practices.   The ensuing ‘Ships of Shame’ report shone a spotlight on an urgent need to improve industry standards.

RightShip was formed in Melbourne in 2001, with BHP Freight and Rio Tinto committing to deliver an industry standard that all maritime workers could commit to.

The program was rolled out across all BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto assets globally, at which point it was essential to open a US-based office. In 2006 Cargill joined as an equal partner shareholder and by 2007, UK and European offices had been established.

As RightShip has evolved, it has added a key sustainability focus. The team developed the Greenhouse Gas Emission Rating (GHG Rating) to measure the carbon dioxide output of vessels.

RightShip developed its class-leading RightShip digital Platform in 2021. It’s an innovation that has been widely praised and adopted.

RightShip is helmed by CEO Steen Brodsgaard Lund, who brings more than 30 years of maritime experience to his role. He is supported by more than 110 staff worldwide and is particularly focused on digital innovation that can in turn deliver improvements in safety, sustainability and human rights.

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