Safety Score

The RightShip Safety Score is a new way to benchmark safety.

The Safety Score lifts maritime industry safety standards by focusing on a vessel's operational history over the last five years. It incorporates various maritime datasets and expert reviews into one easy to understand score, benchmarking each vessel against the world fleet for the full view on global maritime safety. The output is a score out of five, where a vessel which has achieved a five out of five score indicates best practice attention to safety.

Designed to be explainable and transparent, the Safety Score is made up of six sub-scores, Safety Score rules and paths to resolution are clearly displayed in the Platform. All of RightShip’s due dilligence customers can see a vessel’s full safety history as well as the effects of each sub-score or rule on the overall result. Members can also benchmark each vessel against its peers for the complete view on global maritime safety. Through enhanced reporting, we aim to lift safety standards and highlight best practice processes.

Developed over two years of industry collaboration, RightShip’s Safety Score is the next step towards zero-incident seas. It is intended to help our risk assessment customers gain an initial perspective on the operational performance of a vessel as an initial step in comprehensive due diligence. This clear and consistent benchmark of historic safety performance provides an initial perspective on the operational performance of a potential vessel as part of a comprehensive due diligence process. Combined with our maritime expertise, industry leading database and robust vetting program, you'll receive a holistic picture of risk and suitability.

Safety Score


First step to vetting

The Safety Score is calculated through a combination of industry standard rules and statistical modelling, including expert review of vessels. We recommend our due diligence customers use the Safety Score as an initial indicator when considering which vessels to put forward for vetting, saving time in the selection process.


Transparent score

See a clear breakdown of how each element contributes to the overall Safety Score of each vessel and select vessels based on specific areas of operational performance to fit your due diligence profile.


Full access to cleansed safety event data

Through our automated data cleaning and expert analysis, you will have access to a comprehensive, refined database of safety events, which helps you to make the most informed decisions.


Safety Score

The safety ecosystem

Used by many stakeholders across the supply chain, the Safety Score is a powerful tool to help you form a view of the operational risk associated with a vessel. Combined with our vessel vetting services, members of the shipping industry can undertake a complete risk assessment of vessel or voyage.


See the full break down of every vessel’s Safety Score and benchmark a vessel’s score against others of its type. This provides a transparent view of the model distribution and helps you understand where that particular vessel is placed in its peer group and it’s impact on your risk profile.

Know your customer

Follow your customers’ inspections, PSC inspections, detentions and deficiencies as they occur in real time. Five years of vessel history provides the complete picture of safety practices and performance, so you can make well-informed operational and safety decisions for your business.


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