Safety Score

The RightShip Safety Score is a new way to benchmark safety.

Our Safety Score has been designed to put the operator in control of their results, focusing on a vessel's operational performance. It incorporates various maritime datasets and expert reviews into one easy to understand score, benchmarking each vessel against the world fleet for the full view on global maritime safety. The output is a score out of five, where a vessel which has achieved a five out of five score indicates best practice attention to safety.

Designed to be explainable and transparent, the Safety Score is made up of six sub-scores, Safety Score rules and paths to resolution are clearly displayed in the Platform. All of RightShip’s members can see a vessel’s full safety history as well as the effects of each sub-score or rule on the overall result. Members can also benchmark each vessel against its peers for the complete view on global maritime safety. Through enhanced reporting, we aim to lift safety standards and highlight best practice processes.

Developed over two years of industry collaboration, RightShip’s Safety Score is the next step towards zero-incident seas. It is intended to encourage shipowners to invest in improved processes and technologies that make the entire supply chain safer. Once a Safety Score is calculated, you can see where improvements can be made and take action. See your Safety Score improve overtime through the progress bar visualisation.

Safety Score


Transparent and fair Safety Score

Designed to be clear and explainable, the Safety Score is made up of six sub scores, Safety Score Rules and paths to resolution clearly displayed in the platform. Each has been chosen to encourage all participants in the supply chain to work towards the highest standard in maritime safety practices.


A new way to benchmark safety

Benchmark your vessel within your peer group, exploring the full view of a how it compares against similar vessels. Vessel benchmarking within your company allows you to take fleet-wide action to invest in safety best practices to raise your profile and gain a competitive advantage.


Access to more data

Gain the full insight to the data that contributes to a vessel’s Safety Score. See the severity of each Safety Score rule, incident, deficiency and PSC inspection on a vessel's activity timeline and understand their impact on your vessel's score.


Safety Score

You’re in control

The fully transparent Safety Score is designed to show the operational performance of a vessel. It’s made up of six sub-scores and industry best practice rules that have been selected for their contribution to operational safety and ensure your ability to improve outcomes.

Path to improvement

Vessel owners can use the Safety Score to pinpoint key areas in their management processes that need improvement. The score also considers the operator’s post-incident close out reports, encouraging ship managers to take the correct action and reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring again.

Know your competitors

Follow your competitors’ inspections, PSC inspections, detentions and deficiencies as they occur in real time. Five years of vessel history provides the complete picture of safety practices and performance, so you can make well-informed operational and safety decisions for your business.


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