Vessel Vetting

Despite increased safety standards since RightShip’s inception in 2001, there are still too many accidents and fatalities during maritime operations. RightShip’s due diligence customers need a reliable system to check if a vessel is a suitable commercial partner that meets their unique risk profile and reduce the likelihood of casualties, cargo damage, costly delays and detentions.

Our vetting process has a key role in supply chain operations, helping our due diligence customers eliminate the non-compliant options from their logistic chain and personal marine assurance profile, in turn ensuring cargo is moved safely.

RightShip’s vetting service is underpinned by our comprehensive data sets that highlight a vessel’s full history including the DOC Holder's profile, terminal reports, casualty history, Port State Control inspection performance, class records, market intelligence and inspection reports (RightShip inspection for dry vessels, SIRE for wet vessels). This data is cleansed and maintained by our vetting team as part of the vetting service.

Our vetting superintendents use RightShip’s in-platform communications channels to liaise with key contacts across the industry and request any additional documentation. RightShip’s vetting team is comprised of shipping professionals with comprehensive industry experience. The diversity of vessel-specific expertise, understanding of shipping practices and shipping segments allows us to provide best practice guidance and long-term solutions to our customers.

Vessel Vetting

RightShip’s vessel vetting process, including RFIs, communication and vetting outcomes which are managed within our digital Platform. Vessel details, including RightShip’s Safety Score, GHG Rating and dry bulk inspection status, along with a vessel’s sanctioned status are clearly marked.

Global standard for safety, environmental and social welfare practices

All vessels are checked against the RightShip standard, which represents the minimum requirements for a RightShip recommendation. This includes the latest regulations, sanctions, government and port state control banned lists, abandonment cases and safety and sustainability best practices. This ensures that your due diligence checks are being carried out to the most up to date standards.


Worldwide community of experts

Located in strategic locations, RightShip has a global team of expert vetting superintendents made up of captains, master mariners, pilots and inspectors who have years of experience sailing in all conditions, on all vessel types. As part of vetting the process, all data collection, cleansing and checking is also completed by our expert superintendent team. This makes them well placed to identify risk and provide mitigation solutions.


Digital Vetting

Our vessel vetting takes place within the RightShip Platform, harnessing the latest technology to deliver reliable, timely recommendations. The sophisticated vetting rules engine searches and returns the required data from RightShip’s proprietary database, while our in-built communication channels make automated requests for additional information and documentation as required.


Vessel Vetting

Independent and expert risk recommendations

Outsource your vetting decisions to the experts and receive an easy-to-understand recommendation. RightShip employs a team of experts, giving you access to a global community with regional knowledge. Our team provides you with a complete view of your risk assessments, delivering peace of mind that you’re getting independent and unbiased guidance and making the best commercial decisions for your company.

Cloud based record keeping

RightShip’s digital vessel vetting service maintains your vetting records and data securely in the cloud. All vet request outcomes associated with your RightShip account are date and time stamped when your vet is complete, and cannot be altered. Coming in at a fraction of the cost of building your own system, using our vetting service saves on the ongoing cost of development and maintenance in-house.

Hit your ESG targets

Make sure you are doing your bit to ensure seafarer wellbeing and sustainability targets. When a vessel is vetted, all companies associated with the vessel are checked to determine if they have ever been connected to abandonment issues. The vetting criteria is combined with RightShip’s sustainability products, such as our GHG Rating, Carbon Accounting and RightShip dry bulk inspections, for a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility.

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