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Carbon Accounting

An effective corporate climate change strategy requires a detailed understanding of supply chain emissions. At RightShip we believe that if an emissions output can be measured, it can be managed.    
Work with our expert team to calculate emissions output. Use clever insights to create practical steps to reduce environmental impact and meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting targets.  

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Accounting for GHG emissions across your supply chain, known as Scope 3 emissions, is essential to comprehensively manage GHG-related risks and opportunities. Scope 3 emissions may even account for up to 90% of your total carbon impact (Source: Carbon Trust – Making business sense of Scope 3). For example, 1,500 shipments each year could equate to three million tonnes of C0².  

Join the many companies across the supply chain who trust RightShip to help them measure and reduce overall emissions, allowing them to create an easy-to-follow path to hit Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. 

Carbon Accounting features

Supply chain enhancements

For many, the majority of GHG emissions and cost reduction opportunities lie outside their own operations. Use insights which span the entire supply chain to help enhance your supplier selection process.


Supply chain enhancements

Benchmark and track emissions per journey and over time to develop a baseline of emissions and an overall carbon emissions target. Use voyage data and insights on emissions hotspots to track progress against IMO 2050 targets.


Emissions reporting

Set, track and report on progress towards your bold sustainability targets with our dynamic reporting, based on real-time emissions data. Disclose emissions in line with industry reporting standards such as the Climate Disclosure Program and the Sea Cargo Charter.


Emissions report

Until 2016, our scope 3 emissions were estimated but that’s no longer good enough. We need to understand our emissions so we can benchmark them against other shippers and control them effectively. RightShip allows us to do that.


We’ve used RightShip to ensure the vessels we use are safe and environmentally sound, so it was a logical step to ask the team to help us measure our scope 3 emissions. Working with them is very straightforward and we are confident in the accuracy and reliability of the results. There are very few scope 3 data sources and, as far as we are aware, there is no other agency able to deliver this level of accuracy for ocean transport.

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Carbon Accounting Advantages

Greater value

Work towards the possibility of carbon neutral shipping. This is not only good for the environment, it also helps to reduce the costs and risks associated with moving cargo, through improved efficiency.

A complete solution

Use our GHG Rating during the vetting process to identify efficient vessels and our Carbon Accounting tool to ensure your baseline data is available to those setting decarbonisation goals in the short, medium and long term.

Industry leadership

Demonstrates industry leadership and position yourself ahead of the competition. Map your journey to lead on industry-wide emission reduction action.

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