All of our services are available online, combining big data, sophisticated analytics, and the expertise of RightShip staff.

RightShip’s digital solutions have been designed to help our industry improve maritime safety and sustainability. Together, they provide holistic due diligence solutions and highlight best practice processes for charterers, owners, ports, terminals and more.

Safety Products

RightShip’s safety solutions deliver due diligence and risk assessment guidance to all participants in the supply chain. We strive to highlight best practice operations across the industry. Our solutions provide a full view of the safety standards applied on board a vessel, and the risk associated with each journey.

Our members require a reliable vetting system, which we provide with the support of our global team of expert vetting superintendents. They have real-world sailing experience and a comprehensive understanding of the safety processes needed to reduce the risk associated with casualties, cargo damage, costly delays and detentions.

As the world’s largest maritime due diligence company, we’re able to identify the most effective steps towards excellence and we’re dedicated to making industry-wide improvements. We believe in supporting those who invest in safe practices and maintenance. Our vessel-owning members can assess the quality of their vessel against the benchmark through our Dry Bulk Vessel Inspections program and market their active inspection status on our RightShip platform.

Sustainability Products

We are proud to be part of an industry that moves 90 per cent of the world’s goods. While this is an enormous responsibility, we also have to manage the environment in which we operate. Currently, maritime operations contribute two to three per cent of the world’s emissions – that’s the equivalent of a country such as Japan or Germany. Using our GHG Rating and Carbon Accounting tool, we aim to reduce that figure by 50 per cent by 2050. This goal is in line with the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO) framework, which outlines global mandatory measures to reduce shipping’s GHG emissions.

This is backed by strong demand from the market for improved sustainability outcomes, which is already having an impact on the supply chain. Those who resist the changes will see a reduced competitive advantage and risk being left behind. RightShip has the data and expertise to ensure your shipping operations are sustainable and therefore desirable in an environment where emissions reductions are now an essential component of good business practices.

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